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React Native 0.73: What’s New?

By shivaansh_admin

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Debugging Improvements:

  • Console Log History in Hermes:
  • console.log() logs are now captured in the background.
  • Easier observation of early app load logs.
  • Compatible with Flipper, Chrome DevTools, and the new experimental debugger.

Updated Debugging Docs:

  • Refreshed documentation with up-to-date information.
  • Insights on connecting supported debuggers and using React DevTools.

Experimental New Debugger:

  • A streamlined Chrome DevTools UI customized for debugging.
  • Technical Preview available with instant opening.

Stable Symlink Support in Metro:

  • Support for resolving symlinks in Metro now enabled by default.
  • Seamless compatibility with monorepo setups and watchFolders.
  • Works well with Fast Refresh and incurs minimal performance overhead during bundling.

Kotlin Template on Android:

  • Kotlin is now the recommended language for Android apps.
  • React Native template on Android updated to use Kotlin instead of Java.
  • Smaller file sizes (36%) for MainActivity.kt and MainApplication.kt.

Android 14 Support:

  • Full support for Android 14 (API Level 34).
  • Java 17 and Android Gradle Plugin upgrade required.
  • Grant partial access to photos and videos with the READ_MEDIA_VISUAL_USER_SELECTED permission.

New Architecture Updates:

  • Introduction of Bridgeless Mode.
  • Native Module Interop Layer for reusing old modules.
  • Initial experimental release — feedback from users encouraged.

Deprecated Debugging Features:

  • Gradual move away from Flipper as the default tool.
  • Native Flipper integration deprecated; removal in the next release.
  • Remote JavaScript Debugging deprecated, recommending Hermes for a consistent debugging experience.

Breaking Changes:

  • Babel package renames for simplified maintenance.
  • Minimum Node.js requirement raised to 18.x.
  • TypeScript and Fresco updates.
  • Minimum iOS version raised to 13.4

React Native CLI Changes:

  • Default task prefix changed in build-android command.
  • Removal of fallback flows for Metro config defaults.
  • Adjustments in command options for run-ios and build-android.


  • Over 2259 commits from 68 contributors.
  • Thanks to the community for their hard work.

Upgrade to 0.73:

  • Use React Native Upgrade Helper for code changes.
  • Refer to Upgrading docs for existing projects.
  • Create new projects with npx react-native@latest init MyProject.
  • Expo SDK 50 release will support React Native 0.73.


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