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Is it possible Artificial Intelligence Replace Programmers in Future?

By divine_admin_infosys

SOURCE AI was founded to help data scientists write code in unrestricted ways and to allow organisations to build industrial-grade AI solutions

Source AI, That Tool Can Write The Code Based On The User Description Of What The Code Should Do.

For Example A Tool Takes An Input As A String (In A Description That What The Code Should Do) And As Output It Will Writing A Code According To The Input Instructions.

The Founder Of Source AI Were Among The Few Hundred People To Get Access To GPT-3. GPT-3 Is A Powerful OpenAi Language, Other Companies Used GPT-2 Which OpenAi Has Released.

While Testing The GPT-3 They Were Explore Things Like Generate Article on Given Subject, Answer The Questions About Content Of Documents But Then Miracle Happens and They Were Found That It Could Also Generate The Code.

AI Won’t Replace programmers Because It Can Code Only Fewer Lines Of Code. But AI Might Write Code One Day.

Of Course, It Will Take Time Before AI Will Be Able To Create Actual, Production-Worthy Code That Spans More Than A Few lines.


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